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Join Our Network

We are currently seeking new members to join our group. We meet weekly in Quincy for about an hour and a half on Wednesday mornings starting at 7 am. We maintain a casual and light-hearted setting.


To continue to learn about each the members and their company’s services, our meetings typically consists of “show & tells” or sharing of real-world case studies.


The latter half of the meeting is for individual meetings and sharing of leads or other information.


To Join (or visit)

If you are interested in joining GBBN, or wish to recommend someone who might be a good fit for the group, please use our Contact Form to get in touch with the current Membership Officer.


We Need You!

We welcome all types of business owners and managers – from plumbers, IT pros, writers, and HVAC specialists to builders, beauticians, attorneys, consultants, and most categories in-between.


Here are a few categories of businesses we are actively looking for now:


Electrician • Painter • Videographer • Photographer • Architect • Business Consultant • Contractor • Mason • Travel Agent • Beautician • Plumber • Tree & Shrub Expert • Family Law Attorney • Mechanic• Locksmith • Event Planner • Roofer • Fitness Coach • Therapist • In-Home Care Provider • Dentist • Media Planner • Handyman • Artist • Engineer • Smart Home Expert • Landscaper • Chiropractor

Ready to Kickstart Your Business?

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