Greg Robertson, Chief Creative Officer & Managing Director, PowerFlite Communications

The PowerFlite name came from an affinity for those inventive 20th Century souls who tested internal combustion engines in their garages, built “aeroplanes” in barns, and eagerly strapped a rocket engine and jet fuel to their backs for personal flight. Today's entrepreneurs tend to lean toward electronics more than combustibles, but their spirit and desire to make a difference are just as admirable. Not only are we kindred spirits to these adventurers, but we also intend for our work to help them go higher and do more than they might flying alone.

PowerFlite Communications LLC was founded by Creative Director Greg Robertson after many years of creating award-winning advertising and promotional campaigns, radio and TV spots, and later websites for national brands in large New York, Boston, and DC ad agencies.  Each PowerFlite associate and partner – Greg, Guenther, Emily, Jason, Dan, and Linda – brings major brand experience to the mission, plus a knowledge that smart, problem-solving marketing solutions, online and offline, can help organizations of any size shoot for the stars…and reach them. PowerFlite helps brands thrive by opening doors, minds, hearts, and wallets. We are a creative shop at heart, but approach every challenge strategically and offer clients every element of the marketing mission.

PowerFlite Communications LLC is a socially conscious organization,  with a history of supporting progressive causes and non-profit organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Foundation, Amnesty International, Big Sisters, and others.  For 20+ years, PowerFlite has donated at least 1% of its profits to human rights, pet rescue, historic preservation, and environmental causes.  We also aggressively recycle – paper, ink and toner cartridges, and more.  And ours is a very pet-friendly, off the leash workplace. 

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