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Greg Robertson, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, PowerFlite Communications

You are in business to do something great – improve lives, invent new devices, change the future, build communities, create opportunities – whatever matters to you. After working in big Boston, New York, and Washington, DC ad agencies for several years, Greg Robertson founded PowerFlite Communications LLC, a brand marketing firm that helps businesses grow their brands so they can do more of whatever it is they have set out to do.

Greg has been creating artful strategies, smart branding, and award-winning creative work for over 25 years to help major brands, non-profits, start-ups, and other passionate businesses that want to do great things. His advertising, brand development, SEO, web design, and digital marketing works have helped clients in industries from aerospace, advanced technologies, pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy to health care, senior living, finance, legal services, consumer packaged goods (CPG), community services, retail, and more.

Services that Greg and his team provide include:


  • Brand Development, including naming new products and companies, brand positions and positioning lines/taglines, logo design/brand identities, brochures, signage, stationery, trade show materials, brand refresh packages, brand standards manuals, etc. 

  • Advertising – primarily concept-driven creative ad campaigns using every medium available, from traditional print, TV, radio, outdoor, and transit to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more), Google PPC ads, direct mail campaigns, and targeted sponsorships online and off. This includes media planning and buying.

  • Copywriting for brand enrichment, search engine optimization (SEO), sales activation, and strategic messaging.  This is part of advertising, branding, and web development, but is also available as a distinct service for speechwriting, articles, blogs, scriptwriting, and white papers.    

  • Website Design & Development, creating vibrant, brand-enhancing websites that make client companies and their products look great, tell their stories meaningfully, sell products or services, and create content marketing that builds a following.  

Greg is a graduate of Purdue University, a Tennessee Squire, idiom savant, and a supporter of progressive human rights, animal rights, and environmental causes. When he's not helping clients achieve their goals with creative solutions, he enjoys solving Wordles, writing fiction, researching his genealogy, talking about himself in the third person, and hiking with Clarence the Pekinoodle.

See what Greg's clients say about him on the PowerFlite website. (Spoiler Alert: It's generally good.)

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